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Recruit Girls By Destroying Their Clothes, Only In High School DxD New Fight


l_53e846f91bc59The PlayStation Vita is getting some free-to-play harem action later this summer with High School DxD New Fight, a game that combines a “dress break” costume destruction feature with RPG elements. Famitsu shares more on the game’s main features.


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The goal of High School DxD New Fight is to become the harem king, by taking on the main Quest mode.


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You can also get rewards from taking on the “Devil Business” mode, decide on the top devil with the “Rating” mode, and even take on powerful bosses with your friends in the “Raid Boss Battle”.


There’s also some sort of competitive versus mode, but details on that will be revealed later on.

Fans of the series can look forward to the “Dress-Break” feature that lets you destroy the clothing off girls after battles. The above video shows a glimpse of that at around the 0:35 mark, where you can check out how it’s done.



By destroying their clothes, you’ll get a chance of recruiting them to join your team… hey, it’s High School DxD, and it’s how you’ll increase members of your harem army.


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In addition to the game’s over 50 characters, there are Guide characters who’ll support you throughout the game. After meeting a certain condition, more will join your ranks, and you’ll also be able to customize their costumes and voices after increasing relationship parameters.


High School DxD New Fight will launch sometime this summer for PlayStation Vita.

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