Recruit Yuffie In Final Fantasy Record Keeper’s Latest Event



The latest Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper is titled “Hidden Resolve.” It’s available until January 29th and lets you recruit Final Fantasy VII characters including Yuffie, Reno, Tifa, Barret, and Red XIII.


As always, you’ll be able to get each characters Memory Crystal to break their level cap. And if you already have any of them you’ll get a Greater Growth Egg instead.


On top of that, the quest "Complete Midgar Highway Elite (VII)" lets you recruit Sephiroth. "Complete Temple of the Ancients Classic (VII)" quest unlocks Aerith. While accepting the quest "Complete Nibelheim Classic (VII)" allows you to recruit Zack. Oh, and you can also recruit Cid by completing Ultima Weapon Classic (VII).


The new three-star ability is a Ninja-type called Fire Veil that deals magic fire damage to all targets and ignores their Resistance when doing so.

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