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Red Ash’s Development Fully Funded By FUZE, Kickstarter Now For “More Content”



Comcept has announced that the development of its action-RPG Red Ash is being fully funded by Chinese company FUZE Entertainment ( for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As such, the money raised through Kickstarter will now go towards adding “more content” to the game.


The deal with FUZE is that Red Ash will be developed to completion with around 8 hours of content. Comcept retain the rights to Red Ash as well as to “creative discretion and decisions in game development.”


So while the Kickstarter isn’t necessary for the game to ahead any longer, Comcept says to think of it all as stretch goals, adding more content that it has yet to detail. “We know we’re in the final days of our campaign, but we’d like to ask fans to continue their support of RED ASH! Your money is going towards 100% content now, so please look forward to the revised ‘stretch goals!’"


If you’re wondering, FUZE typically works to bring AAA games to the Chinese market and apparently has lots of ties to console manufacturers. It was founded by Wang Feng with partners Huawei, NVIDIA, and Microsoft Xbox.

Chris Priestman