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Red Entertainment’s New Visual Novel Our World is Ended Revealed For PlayStation Vita



Fossil Fighters and Gungrave developer Red Entertainment had a “New World Project” teaser going on the other day, and it was revealed as Our World is Ended for PlayStation Vita in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


Our World is Ended’s staff includes game designer Naoki Morita who was involved with the creation of the Sakura Wars series, as well as character designer Eiri Shirai, who worked on the original character designs in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. The scenario will be handled by novelist Taro Achi.


While not much is known about the title so far, it has an apocalyptic message as well as a headline suggesting a video game world coming to real-life in the adventure game.


Our World is Ended is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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