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Red Game Without A Great Name Is A Real Game Title, And It’s Coming To PS Vita


Red Game Without a Great Name. That’s the title of this game. At least the developer is honest. And, actually, considering that title stands out, perhaps … it is a great name?


In any case, the game itself seems to offer quite the challenge. And yes, it really is doused in red. It’s a hardcore 2D arcade puzzler in which you help a mechanical bird to deliver post.


The idea is to flap this bird through a steampunk world that actually resembles a gauntlet – there are lasers, buzzsaws, and many other deathly contraptions to avoid. But this bird has a trick up its, um, wing.


The bird can teleport. In the blink of an eye it can move several feet in any direction. You’ll need to use this ability at the right time and right place in order to survive the game’s 60 levels. Oh, and good luck if you’re going to try to collect all 180 gears inside the game.


Red Game Without a Great Name is heading to PlayStation Vita in the near-ish future. It’s already out on the App Store for iOS devices.

Chris Priestman