Red Sun Gamer Episode 10: Feast On Pandora’s Tower Part 3.


What do Kano, Mola Ram and Ende have in common? That’s right, ripping hearts out of perfectly good chests. If you’ve ever lamented not being able to perform a fatality on Goro in Mortal Kombat, Pandora’s Tower has some sweet satisfaction in store for you.


In the final Pandora’s Tower episode, you finally get to see Ende rip the heart out from one of the gargantuan Aruji end bosses. If you know the drill by now, to Seres, the satisfaction has a more of a rusty, coppery quality to the taste.


Along the way Ende also displays his bionic commando grappling skills to navigate the environment, long range attacks, and his remarkable chain bondage abilities against poor unsuspecting monsters.


Cover your hearts monsters! Khali ma!


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