Red Sun Gamer Episode 4 – Xenoblade Chronicles’ Hero Finds Monado



Steve and Martin pick up where they left off in the last episode of Xenoblade Chronicles to give you a deeper glimpse into the game’s hefty story, its real-time party-based combat system, and intricate character interplay.


At the end of the last episode, we found Shulk and scantily-clad Fiorung together enjoying the view over Colony 9 while sampling choice bento treats. In this episode, you’ll be happy to know that Shulk trades in his feeble chopsticks for a ginormous energy blade known as the Monado. Join Shulk and his companions Fiorung and Rein as they embark on their first real mission through the monster-ridden caves to obtain ether cylinders.


The next video installment due out shortly will introduce the meat of the main story and Monado-induced carnage as an extra throw-in.

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