Red Sun Gamer Episode 8 – Welcome To The World Of Pandora’s Tower


After sampling the game, we reckon we wouldn’t be off the mark to interpret the ambiguous sub-title, Kimi no moto e kaeru made, Until I Return to Your Side, as, until Ende returns to Seres’s side with a chunk of freshly killed beast meat. Yes, Seres has been stricken by a curse that can only be remedied by feeding her the flesh of monsters! This game isn’t just about amassing fortune and glory!


In this video, we make our way to the first two towers of 13 and dutifully fulfill our first meat fetch quest, oh and we also return to Seres’s side to witness her first feasting!


Martin forgoes playing with the Classic Controller, good for pure button-based play, instead opting for the Wiimote/Nunchuck combo to directly control Ende’s Orichalum Chain for maximum monster flesh-ripping pleasure.


Come and get it!

Red Sun Gamer