Red Sun Gamer Episode 9 – Feast On Pandora’s Tower Part 2


Aww c’mon, with 13 towers chock full of beast meat, you didn’t think we were going to end the Pandora’s Tower series with just one video? Ende and Seres as well as Steve and Martin are back for some more epic meat chow time.


Actually, while Ende, Steve, and Martin are perfectly content eating from the menu, Seres on the other hand needs a certain off-the-menu special flavored delicacy, Aruji meat (end-boss meat), and 13 portions of it fast! Join us as we toil away to put together Seres’s 13-course meal of nothing but Aruji meat from beginning to end.


In this video, we also showcase inventory management and the gift-giving gimmick to forge stronger relationships between characters. Astute viewers should also get a good idea how much chain-induced yanking damage plays a role in Pandora’s Tower.


One of our humble opinions: Despite the poor camera controls, the free-roaming zoom does a remarkable job keeping the players frustration in check.


Correction: Also, Steve apologizes for mistranslating the part from 10:09. Actually, the old woman is the one who pays for the information Ende acquired. Sorry for that lost in translation moment. On occasion, even monkeys fall from trees.

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