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Be A Redneck On The Go: Immortal Redneck Seems To Be Coming To Switch


immortal redneck switch

Immortal Redneck, the fast paced FPS-roguelike that was released by Crema Games in April 2017, seems to be headed to Nintendo Switch. A classification for the game was found in Taiwan’s Game Ratings Board, rated 15+ for the handheld/home console hybrid. The launch trailer for the Steam version of the game can be found below:



The game has players take control of a mummified redneck who must shoot his way through three different pyramids, all which are procedurally generated. In each pyramid are several bosses that must be defeated, and treasure inside the crypts can be used to upgrade the redneck. Like Rogue Legacy, the game is based on the player dying and getting stronger, and it looks like players may be able to take advantage of the Switch’s different play styles to grind on the go, if they so wish.


Immortal Redneck is currently available on Steam for PC, and is due to come out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. Nothing has been officially said about a Nintendo Switch version yet.

Alistair Wong
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