ReelBlade Uses A Morphable Controller To Combine Fishing And Sword Fighting


ReelBlade was shown off at the Sense of Wonder Night during Tokyo Game Show. It stood out on account of its morphable controller (thanks IndieGames).


Developed by a team from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, this controller has two different states: it can be floppy or, if you hit the switch on the handle, it goes stiff and resembles a toy sword.


The idea in the game is to use the controller to cast a line into the ocean as if it were a fishing rod. This will see you catching a large sea monster. Then, if you hit the switch, you can then use the sword to attack the creature and parry its attacks.


However, you’ll also need to switch to “whip mode,” which is the floppy version of the controller, to hit back projectiles that the monster shoots at you on occasion.


Find out more about ReelBlade on its website.

Chris Priestman