Regular Human Basketball Introduces Giant Mechanical Death Machines To The Sport



Indie studio Powerhoof took a few weeks off of working on multiplayer dungeon crawling game Crawlto make a smaller game called Regular Human Basketball. It is anything but “regular.”


Supporting up to 10 players in total, Regular Human Basketball has your team running around inside a giant mechanical death machine to operate its various parts and play basketball.



There are legs with wheels at their ends to operate, a magnet that picks up the gigantic (and metallic) basketball, and rockets that you can use to jump. Working all of these various functions depends entirely on your teamwork. But be warned as this is a game that is inspired by the “simple controls” of QWOP.


As with any normal game of basketball the idea is is to score by getting the ball in your opponent’s hoop. You can download Regular Human Basketball for free on

Chris Priestman