Reiji Doesn’t Get a Break in Kara no Shoujo: The Second Episode


The official blog for Kara no Shoujo: The Second Episode has been updated with information about the basic story and some of the characters. End spoilers for the first game follow.


A key line in the story seems to be, “Heaven may be the one that curses individuals, but humans are the ones who take action.”


This game takes place two years after the events in the first Kara no Shoujo, which culminated in Touko Kuchiki’s disappearance. Tokisaka, protagonist of Kara no Shoujo, is still searching for her. He’s still taking cases on the side, though, so when returning character Ryouichi Yaginuma calls on Reiji to help on a case, he accepts.


This time, the case starts in the snowy mountains in northern Japan, in a small village called Hitogata (written with the characters for “person” and “shape,” or alternatively, “doll”). There, they practice the rather odd tradition of deifying a clay doll by the name of Hinnasama. During a festival celebrating Hinnasama, though a girl is mysteriously killed.


The villagers all say it’s because of “Hinnasama’s curse” that killed her. In this case, the curse is suspected of being someone named Tomoyuki Masaki, whom Yukari—Reiji’s younger sister, pictured above—saves from a suicide attempt. Currently, he’s staying at the detective agency as an assistant.


  yukiko tori

There is also mention of a religious faction that should have been disbanded six years ago appearing as well.


Other characters introduced include Yukari’s two new best friends. Yukari herself hasn’t changed much, but she’s overcome the grief of losing her best friend and is moving forward. She’s in charge of the art club at her new school.


The first of her two new friends is Yukiko Kayahara (above, left), an introvert to the point of having almost no friends. The other is Tori Kohane (above, right), who similarly is only in the art club to boost the head count. Tori seems to know Yukiko from before and she has the habit of assigning cute nicknames to others.