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Reiji Shinomiya Of Akiba’s Beat Might Give You The Cold Shoulder, But He’ll Help Out



Acquire shared the newest character introduction trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Akiba’s Beat with one for Reiji Shinomiya, the 28-year-old with a bit of a cold personality.


The video starts out with Reiji asking what you see around here, and that it’s time to wake up from the dream. He says that he might be in his 20s, but he’s still not an old man. He has a cold personality and is more on the distant side compared to the other characters.


He reminds us that he’s not there to help save a girl, but he’s actually looking for a certain someone. While he might show his age more with his mature personality, he says things like “listen, adults are just living things that are there just to run away.”


Akiba’s Beat will release in Japan on October 13, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can check out more character introductions with the protagonist Asahi Tachibana, the always-smiling happy idol Riyu Momose, the “chuuni” cool kid Yamato Hongo, the innocent day dreamer Saki Hoshino, and the arrogant but lonely Kotomi Sanada.

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