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Relayer PS5 Upgrade Will Be Free


Relayer, the upcoming sci-fi strategy RPG from Kadokawa Games, is destined to debut on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but would-be buyers won’t have to choose. Via the official Twitter account, Kadokawa Games confirmed that PS4 editions of Relayer can be upgraded to PS5 editions for free.

The same tweet also confirmed that both versions of Relayer will be sold physically and digitally There would also be a limited edition for collectors, though the account did not go into detail about any extra content or goods that would be included in the package. Given the relative scarcity of PS5 units on the market, the announcement should make it easier for people interested in buying the game to pick it up on PS4 and upgrade if and when they acquire a PS5.

While many recent titles have a PS4 to PS5 upgrade option, not all have been free. For example, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the PS5 edition of 2019’s Death Stranding, can be acquired by owners of the PS4 edition for $10. Meanwhile, the PS5 edition of Sega’s Judgment was sold at a lower price point than at release, but offered no “upgrade path” at all.

Previous July 2021 tweets from Relayer director and Kadokawa Games CEO Yoshimi Yasuda also confirmed that Relayer will have content that is playable after the conclusion of the story. Yasuda stated that the main campaign can be cleared in about 40 hours of play. The development team is also working on a post-endgame challenge mode, not unlike the “Labyrinth of Yomi” DLC content from God Wars, the team’s previous title. Finally, Relayer will support a form of “lap play,” otherwise known in English as a “New Game Plus” type of mode that will allow players to replay the game but derive some benefits or rewards from their previous completion.

Relayer will release for the PS4 and PS5 in Japan in 2021. A global release was confirmed but no specific date was given. Check out more info about some of the game’s cast of “Star Child” characters.

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