Relic Hunters Zero, a Free Shooter from Chroma Squad Devs



Relic Hunters Zero (RHZ) is an upcoming free shooter from the creators of Chroma Squad, the tactical squad management game which had a very successful Kickstarter campaign.


RHZ will feature two playable characters, full gamepad support, twelve randomly-generated levels, and at least a dozen guns to shoot with as you fight your way to the final boss of the game.


RelicHunters01 RelicHunters02 RelicHunters03 RelicHunters05


Though RHZ will be released as a free title, the developers have expressed an interest in turning the game into a full commercial title later on, provided that the fans love it enough to request for the expanded version.


RHZ is currently in development for PC and scheduled for a Fall release.

Tim Wee