Relive Is A Sci-Fi Adventure That Teaches You The Basics Of CPR


Most sci-fi games would teach you how to shoot or how to operate a spaceship. Relive, on the other hand, teaches you the basics of CPR.


It’s a free four-level first-person adventure game available on Steam. It’s set on a science facility on Mars which undergoes a technological cataclysm. You have to gather equipment, find your friends and colleagues, and get the hell off the planet.


On the way you’ll need to get yourself a medical pass to progress. But to do this you’ll need to learn how to do CPR and then perform it perfectly in a test. These skills will come up against later on when finding your friends.


Relive does actually teach you the basic steps to proper CPR too. So what you learn in the game can be applied outside of it. However, the creators recommend that you take a course if you’re interested in learning to do it after playing.


If you have a Kinect you can also play a tournament with friends to see who can do CPR the best on a test dummy (if you have one handy).

Chris Priestman