Remember when Sonic was the “fastest thing alive”? Back in 1993 ABC aired Sonic the Hedgehog as a Saturday morning cartoon, which premiered around the same time as the slapstick comedy Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog series and ten years before Sonic X. On March 27 Shout Factory is releasing the complete Sonic the Hedgehog series where the blue hedgehog and his eternal sidekick Tails are freedom fighters. In the distant future Dr. Robotnik (aka Eggman) has taken over the world and all of those levels you beat on your Genesis were for nothing. Now Sonic and his new group of freedom fighting friends, like Princess Sally his “love interest” and Rotor the Walrus are attempting to take the world back. Shout Factory’s DVD release has an interview with Jaleel White (known for playing Urkel) in Family Matters. He mentions that because of his busy schedule (school plus being a child actor) left him with little time do voice Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead he had to do voice sessions alone, which gave him the chance to do a few takes rather than one if he recorded with the entire group. During the interview he also mentions, “I love it when people come up to me and you know acknowledge that they know I did the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog because I know that’s a true fan you got to Google me deep to know I did Sonic.” Instant conversation starter? There is another neat feature on the fourth DVD, a five minute clip with storyboards for alternate scenes. Considering how long the series has been out of vintage it’s surprising that Shout Factory can find anything that SatAM fans haven’t already seen. If you’re not sure what Sonic series I’m talking about see a clip of Sonic in one of his classic forms past the break.

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