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Reno and Rude’s Popularity Meant More Development in FFVII Remake

FFVII Remake Reno Rude
Image via Square Enix

In a Q&A with the writing staff for Final Fantasy VII Remake, someone asked why Reno and Rude became more humanized in the updated version of the game. In response, Square Enix uploaded part of the script that the voice actors used for the game. It also explained how the Reno and Rude’s popularity, as well as the Midgar-focused plot of FFVII Remake, affected the writing.

The script is from a scene in Chapter 11 of FFVII Remake. Specifically, it’s the scene where they receive orders to drop attack the Sector 7 pillar. Reno and Rude express doubt and irritation over this decision. Reno in particular says in a self-deprecating tone that it’s too late to pretend to be a good person. This brief conversation in question is the one that most strongly shows the difference in their portrayal between the remake and the original.

The question that someone posed to the writing staff wondered why FFVII Remake focused more on the human side of these two. Part of the answer is because the story centers so much on Midgar. So the staff wanted to spend more time on exploring and developing Shinra characters. Since Reno and Rude became popular after the original Final Fantasy VII, the writing staff gave them more screen time and personality in FFVII Remake. Though they still loyally carry out their orders, they show inner turmoil about what they have to do. Letting the audience see this was a way to make them seem more multifaceted.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is readily available on the PS4,  PS5, and Windows PC. FFVII Remake Intergrade is on the PS5 and PC. Previous pieces of trivia Square Enix shared about the game focused on Sonon, Red XIII, and Tseng.

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