Renoir Puts Players In The Starring Role Of A Noir Film


Renoir Game Art

Renoir is an upcoming game from developer Black Wing Foundation that tackles the challenge of creating a 2D cinematic gameplay experience that feels like playing through a classic, black and white noir film. Players take on the role of detective James Renoir, as he solves the mystery of his own murder.


Film Noir Renoir


The game’s storyline unfolds through Hollywood-inspired animated cutscenes. Players learn the mafia, a corrupt government, and thugs on the street are all thorns in Renoir’s side. Just when life is looking up for the detective, he winds up dead.


After his death, Renoir has returned to the world as a ghost to solve the case of his death. Players control the supernatural phantoms at Renoir’s command to navigate the environment and solve puzzles with a bit of platforming action. Lost memories and clues to Renoir’s murder are picked up along the way.


Renoir Game


Renoir is playable on PC and expected to launch on Steam in November 2016.