Report: Falcom’s Trails Of Nayuta Is An Action RPG



Falcom has been pretty quiet about Trails of Nayuta, so it’s up to retailers to leak details about the PSP game. While the game is connected to the Trails series, Falcom didn’t tie it to the Legend of Heroes lineage and that might be because Trails of Nayuta is an action RPG.


Electronics retailer Bic Camera spilled the first details about Trails of Nayuta saying this title will follow in the footsteps of other Trails games like Trails in the Sky combined with Falcom’s action RPG knowhow to make a new Trails game. The PSP game will have three different attacks skills (sword techniques), arts (four seasons magic), and gear craft (special abilities) mapped to different face buttons.


Trails of Nayuta takes place in Lost Heaven and while players explore the world they will be able to freely change the game’s four seasons. When you switch between winter, summer, spring, and fall Trails of Nayuta changes everything – how the game looks, background music, and enemies. Seasons are connected to the game’s story and Falcom created different maps for each season.


It sounds like Trails of Nayuta has an extensive character customization system. The retailer says players will be able to change costumes and equipment alters the appearance of your characters. Trails of Nayuta will have event scenes with portraits and text boxes plus camera work so you can see characters move around. Events will have voice acting and thanks to HMV we may know who the actors are. The retailer says The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time actress Kaori Mizuhashi, Ai Kayano, Kenichi Suzumura, and Ayana Taketatsu are on the drama CD bundled with select copies of Trails of Nayuta.


When you’re picking up items dropped by enemies you can a.) keep them or b.) donate them to an in-game museum on your island hometown. The museum takes treasure, fish, bugs, and fossils (?) which makes this feature sound kind of like Animal Crossing.


If accurate, Trails of Nayuta already sounds different from Falcom’s long running Legend of Heroes series. We’ll find out for sure soon since Trails of Nayuta is slated for release on PSP in Japan on July 26.

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