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Reshipment Of Limited Edition Zero Time Dilemma Watches Are Arriving To Some Customers Damaged


If any of you pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Zero Time Dilemma back when it first announced, a bonus watch styled after those worn by the characters in-game was included in the offer. However, when those first sets of Limited Editions first shipped, the watches were damaged in transit and had to be returned to the factory. Aksys Games worked to remedy this, saying that they would receive a replacement shipment of watches and send them out to fans who had preordered as soon as they were able to.

Unfortunately, now that customers are receiving their new watches, they are discovering that some of them appear damaged, with many reporting the cases which house the watches being scuffed and cracked, which you can see in the following photos from NeoGAF. However, also note that the watch does have intentional silver “scratches” on it.

Additionally, people in other countries are also saying that they are being told they will have to pay ridiculously high import fees from places like Amazon.

In the meantime, Aksys’s PR representative has been handling the many complaints from fans over on Twitter.

Zero Time Dilemma is available for PC, PlayStation Vita, and the Nintendo 3DS.