Resident Evil 0’s Achievements And Trophies Reveal Potential Challenges

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Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 0 HD remaster that will bring the GameCube game to current generation platforms. This means not only a visual upgrade, but also a series of achievements and trophies, depending on the platform, that provide players goals to shoot for. The developer has revealed all of the potential accolades to unlock, with many challenging players to do things like get through Resident Evil 0 without saving or with an “S” rank.


Here is the list of achievements and trophies for Resident Evil 0.

  • S is for S.T.A.R.S. – Finish the game with rank S.
  • From Zero to Hero – Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Who’s Got the Herb? – Finish the game without combining herbs.
  • Save Your Prayers – Finish the game without saving.
  • Allergic to First Aid Spray – Finish the game without using a First-Aid Spray.
  • This is Serious Business – Finish the game without using a recovery item (including Green Chemicals).
  • Zero In – Defeat an enemy with a critical-hit headshot.
  • Burned Alive – Defeat an enemy by burning them.
  • Dead, Dead, Deadski – Defeat a zombie by stomping on them.
  • This is How You Recycle – Create a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Fashion Plate – Change into a costume.
  • Here I Come to Save the Day – Attack an enemy to save your partner who is grappling with that enemy.
  • >Guns are Too Quick – Defeat an enemy with a knife.
  • Misdirected Hostility – Destroy a zombie’s legs.
  • Fileophile – Read all files.
  • Apprentice of Unlocking – Obtain all keys and use them all.
  • Find Time to Combine – Combine every type of herb with each other.
  • I Could Shoot, You Know – Obtain all weapons.
  • I’m a Medic, Not a Bodybuilder – Try to push something heavy with Rebecca.
  • Wanna Go for a Ride? – Earn all trophies. (PlayStation only)


Capcom also revealed the hidden trophies and achievements for Resident Evil 0. These are filled with spoilers for the game.


  • Train Complete – Complete the train.
  • Training Facility Complete – Complete the training facility.
  • Laboratory Complete – Complete the laboratory.
  • Factory Complete – Complete the factory.
  • Treatment Plant Complete – Complete the treatment plant.
  • Taking the Sting Out – Defeat Stinger.
  • Centurion Disciplinarian – Defeat Centurion.
  • Die, Devil Bird! – Defeat Infected Bat.
  • Proto Tyrant Down – Fight off the Proto Tyrant.
  • Proto Tyrant Down Again – Defeat the Proto Tyrant.
  • Hey, Queenie! Feast on this! – Defeat Queen Leech.
  • That’s Officer Chambers to You – Defeat all bosses except Centurion using Rebecca.
  • Alley-oop! – Shoot down a Hunter or an Eliminator while they are jump attacking in the air.
  • Sit, Boy, Sit! Good Dog – Break free of a Cerberus while they are biting you or trying to push you down.
  • Custom to Bust ‘Em – Create a Custom Handgun.
  • Green is the Color – Use a Green Chemical.
  • How ‘Bout a Light, Bud? – Defeat Mimicry Marcus with a Molotov Cocktail or a Napalm Grenade.
  • I Have the Touch – Defeat Mimicry Marcus for the first time only using a knife.
  • Winged Spawn of Satan – Defeat 16 bats in the church.
  • Welcome to Team Wesker – Put on Team Wesker costume.
  • Calm the Zombie Nerves – Play the piano using Rebecca.
  • On Leather Wings – Get picked up by the Infected Bat.
  • Trying Out New Things – Play Leech Hunter.
  • A Weird Interest in Leeches – Finish Leech Hunter with rank A.
  • Leech-Shaped Hole in my Heart – Finish Leech Hunter with rank E or above.
  • Who Needs Partners? – Collect all of only one color of Leech Charms.
  • Distracted from the Hunt – Defeat all enemies in Leech Hunter.
  • 20/20 Vision – Kill 50 enemies with the Death Stare at full charge.


      Resident Evil 0 will be released in 2016, both as a solo download for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as in the physical Resident Evil Origins Collection for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 19, 2016.

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