Resident Evil: Mortal Night Mod Reinvents Resident Evil 2



Resident Evil: Mortal Night, a fan mod for Resident Evil 2: Platinum, has released for free on ModDB. It is a complete remake of the game with a new story, new mechanics, and new challenges.




The various trailers for the mod show some familiar places like the police station and streets of Raccoon City, but with different enemies and creatures. A white variant on the spider enemy can be seen, and Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 has been placed in the game. Some monsters also have new abilities, such as the zombies who can run.




Familiar characters will be making appearances in the game’s storyline. The trailers show that Alyssa Ashcroft, a reporter who previously appeared in the Resident Evil: Outbreak series will be playable, as will Hunk, a member of Umbrella’s Security Service.




The developer explains that this mod will be very challenging, filled with many enemies, including areas where they will infinitely respawn. To compensate, enemies can now drop ammo and weapons. Players who live through the increased difficulty can reach one of three different endings in its new storyline.




Resident Evil: Mortal Night can take up to four hours to complete.

Alistair Wong
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