Resident Evil: Revelations Has A Spooky Mansion, Very Limited Ammo

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While the Resident Evil: Revelations Pilot Version gave me an idea of the game’s atmosphere, it’s nothing like the Resident Evil: Revelations demo I played at E3. Regenerative health and unlimited bullets are out. The story began will Jill waking from a bed in a large room. She was in some kind of mansion (or at least what *appears* to be a mansion), which brought back vibes from the very first Resident Evil.

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Of course, she was locked inside. There were no keys, but I found a screwdriver by draining murky water from a bathtub. Before I could use it one of those white monsters lurched out from a closet. The music changed as it staggered closer. I drew Jill’s handgun and carelessly pelted it with bullets until it turned into a red puddle. Combat controls are just like Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. You can move while shooting and look around by sliding your thumb on the touch pad.



I used the screwdriver on a nearby electrical panel and opened a touch screen puzzle. First, I removed the screws by tapping on them. Circuits exposed, I had to reroute power by dragging wires on the touch screen. The door opened after power circled around four lit up spots on the panel. I walked outside to a larger room without concern for my ammunition or healing items. You can’t see it in these screenshots, but the bottom screen has a touch screen inventory containing a shotgun with … 1 bullet and zero healing herbs. Key items, like the screwdriver, are not shown.


Another monster leaped out and I had just enough bullets to take it down. I didn’t think my shotgun’s sole bullet would do much damage, so I navigated through the mansion carefully. I grabbed one healing herb in plain sight, but decided to run from monsters instead of fight. Fortunately, these hungry creatures are slow moving so I slipped away.




Jill gained a new tool further in the Resident Evil: Revelations demo. The supply scanner lets Jill search for hidden items.


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When I entered a foyer I turned the scanner on and zoomed in on a dining room table. After a few seconds of searching a box of bullets popped up on a dinner plate. Ten bullets, just enough to press on. It seems like the scanner is going to be a key tool for finding items, which appear to be scarce in Resident Evil: Revelation.


That’s in stark contrast to Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, which arms players to the teeth thanks to ammo dropping enemies. Read our playtest for more about Capcom’s upcoming score attack style Resident Evil game for the Nintendo 3DS.

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