Rest On Rem’s Lap Today And Get Spoiled By Emilia On June 9 In Re:Zero’s New VR App



VR app-maker Gugenka’s Re: Zero –Life is a Different World by VR-, the game that lets you rest on Rem’s lap, is now available in Japan. The company also announced that Emilia’s version is releasing on June 9 in Japan.



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According to the developers, Re: Zero –Life is a Different World by VR- isn’t a game that’s about “what if you were Subaru” but it is more about what if you’re the one who gets to visit the other world?



In addition to various quotes, the VR app has birthdays and other events for a total of 24 different scenes featuring newly recorded lines from Emilia’s voice actress Rie Takahashi.


There’s a VR figure “Appreciation” mode that lets you take a look at Emilia in four different scenes in a 360-degree angle.



The bed-sharing scenario will also become available simultaneously with Emilia’s version of the app.



If you’re wondering about how it controls, it uses the “Thumb Controller” by Gugenka.


It works like this:

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Re:Zero –Life is a Different World by VR’s Emilia version releases in Japan on June 9, 2017 for iPhone and iOS for 960 yen.





As for Rem’s version, it launched today in Japan for iPhone and Android, also for 960 yen. You can check out a video and more in our previous report.

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