Restore Magic To A Quiet World In RPG Maker Game Stargazer


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Amaranth Games has put its RPG Maker game Stargazer up on to Steam Greenlight. You can already play a demo on its official website or purchase it for $19.99, if you wish.


Stargazer starts out with Zach watching the night sky when he sees a star fall into the nearby woods. As he rushes to find it, Zach discovers that the star was actually a woman, and with her crash landing she has brought back magic to the world.



The woman is called Aura, and it’s her you then follows as she travels around this quiet world, meeting the villagers and getting into dilemmas. There are over 200 quests to complete as well as puzzle caves that offer greater rewards.


Beyond that, you’ll want to find meteors that have crashed to the surface so that Aura can transform them into new magical abilities. On an aside, you can also discover three possible weddings between party members in Stargazer.

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