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Retro Freak Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary With a Limited Edition

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Cyber Gadget’s Retro Freak will be celebrating its fourth anniversary with a limited edition release that will launch on March 18, 2020. It has a suggested retail value of ¥20,000 (roughly $189.96). [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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This Retro Freak limited edition will include the base console in gray. Also, you can expect to find a Retro Freak controller and adapter set in-box, along with a standard Super Gray color controller that takes inspiration from Nintendo’s SNES.

Additionally, Retro Freak’s console supports a wide range of systems. Here’s the full list of cartridges it can use:

  • Famicom
  • NES (with adapter)
  • Super Famicom
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (including NTSC and PAL)
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • SG-1000 (with adapter)
  • Sega Mark III (with adapter)
  • Mega Drive (NTSC / PAL)
  • Genesis
  • Game Gear (with adapter)
  • PC Engine
  • TurboGrafx-16
  • PC Engine SuperGrafx

This wide range allows players to enjoy over 9,000 game cartridges, offering a lot of versatility for fans with gaming collections of all sizes. In addition, you can use other USB controllers, including the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 DualShocks and other various retro game consoles with the in-box adapter.

You can also pop in a microSD card to backup your games, although you can also back them up to the console unit itself. This feature allows you to play them without putting in the cartridge. It also helps save the cartridge batteries on retro titles. Please note that this edition will not include a microSD card; you’ll need to buy that separately.

You can order Retro Freak’s new limited edition on Amazon Japan, which offers international shipping.

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