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This Retro Run ‘N Gun Game Uses Visuals Similar To 1930s Cartoons



The ideas of retro cartoons and side-scrolling platformer combine in Cuphead, a run ‘n gun indie game starring a cup-headed protagonist and 1930s-era cartoon graphics.



Cuphead is a new game from Studio MDHR, unveiled for the Xbox One’s [email protected] suite of titles, and will feature tons of bosses. The game recreates the look and feel of ancient times 1930’s-era cartoons, even going so far, say the devs, as to include traditional cel animation hand drawn and inked.


Cuphead-GreatSlime-Scene1-jpg Cuphead-Screenshot-Pirate-jpg

Cuphead-Screenshot-Slime-jpg Cuphead-Screeshot-Flower-jpg


Players can play either single player or co-operative against a bevy of retro-style foes. And your second player is… Mugman.


You can view more trailers on the game at their YouTube channel.


Cuphead is intended for PC and XBox One, with a release date sometime in 2015.