Retro-Style Fighter Pocket Rumble Should Hit Early Access Soon


Cardboard Robot Games is looking to get its Neo Geo Pocket-style 2D fighter Pocket Rumble up on Steam Early Access soon according to the latest Kickstarter update.


“We’ve got Steam matchmaking and rankings all working now, and we’re just putting together some finishing touches like getting all the training mode options working properly, making a good results screen to show you your stats between ranked matches, etc,” writes the studio.


You can also see the latest version of Pocket Rumble’s alpha in action in the video above, which was released in November 2015.


If you’re not aware, Pocket Rumble was successfully Kickstarted on December 9th 2014 and will be heading to PC. It missed its stretch goals for the PlayStation Vita and 3DS versions.


It’s meant as an accessible 2D fighter that, through its control system, creates “a level playing field for experienced players to focus on strategy and reading their opponents, and simultaneously opens up the genre to new players who may have found other similar games overwhelming.”

Chris Priestman