Return to Castle Monkey Ball Offers a New Look at Wolfenstein 3D


A fan game mash-up offers a new sort of take on Super Monkey Ball and Wolfenstein 3D. Nickireda’s Return to Castle Monkey Ball is an opportunity to send B.J. Blazkowicz to fight Nazis and collect bananas in Castle Wolfenstein. Yes, it turns the castle into a labyrinth and pops BJ into a ball.

Essentially, Return to Castle Monkey Ball applies Super Monkey Ball gameplay to the Wolfenstein 3D story. People are tasked with going through eight levels in the castle as part of “Operation Bad-Boon,” each of which is timed. You can also collect bananas and treasure along the way to increase your score or run into enemies to get a little more time. (You do need to build up some momentum to actually damage foes, and guards can shoot at and hurt B.J.) There are four difficulty levels to choose from, which are “Can I play, Daddy?,” “Don’t Hurt Me,” “Bring ‘em On,” and “I am Death Incarnate.”

Here’s Nickireda’s announcement tweet, which includes a trailer showing Return to Castle Monkey Ball gameplay.

return to castle monkey ball 2

Castle Monkey Ball is immediately available to play in your HTML5-compatible browser for free via

Jenni Lada
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