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Reunite A Monster With A Little Girl In This Madcap PS Vita Exclusive



Iguana Bee has revealed its madcap stealth-platformer MonsterBag for PlayStation Vita. It will be available for $9.99 in the US on April 9th. While Europe gets it a day earlier on April 8th at €8.99.


In it, you play as a small blue monster called V who can teleport. V wants to be reunited with a young girl that he loves called Nia. But the problem is that Nia has gone running off across town and it’s full of people – people don’t like monsters, and will squash or otherwise kill V on sight.


So what you need to do is use V’s teleportation ability to zap between humans, staying out of sight, and steadily catching up to Nia. Sometimes you may even be required to save her from certain death as, it seems, a war between monsters and humans breaks out. And you’ll definitely have to figure out the individual behaviours of each human if you want to stay alive – that said, some of the deaths might be worth checking out for how bizarre they are (being stomped into a cauldron? Eaten by an enormous monster?).



MonsterBag’s eccentricity can be seen in the video above. And it’s matched by the game’s bright cartoon artwork that gives it an immediate childlike charm despite the gory deaths.

Chris Priestman