Revelation Online Heading West Soon According To New Trailer



A new Revelation Online trailer has released to officially announce the game’s imminent Western release, bringing the game’s flight-based gameplay to a new audience.




In Revelation Online, players will be able to fly around the world of Nuanor as they seek information on a myth about a legendary artifact. Players will get a taste of their flight powers right from the beginning of the game, although they will not have full access to them until level 29.




Wings are good for more than just travel, as there will also be aerial combat, letting players take part in special in-game activities like laying siege to flying castles. When not taking down floating fortresses, players can delve into five to ten player dungeons that will test puzzle solving and platforming skills alongside combat abilities.




Players looking to fight live opponents will be able to tangle with other players in open world PvP (available at level 40), duels, battlegrounds, arenas, castle sieges and territorial wars. The developers also promise 10 v 10, 20 v 20, 30 v 30 PvP-battles, as well as huge fights involving up to thousands of players at a time in cross-server battles. This feature is still under development, though.



Players will get a feel for what the game’s six beginning classes has to offer should they get into the closed Beta, which they can sign up for on the Revelation Online site.

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