Revenant Dogma, A JRPG That Lets You Transform Into Holy Beasts


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Kemco’s latest JRPG is called Revenant Dogma. It’s available for Android right now as both a freemium game and a premium game.


It takes place in a world where humans have gained divine strength through the power of holy beasts. The humans of this world live among therians who worship different beings known as feral gods.


The two races live in peace but this is thrown in the air once the game’s hero, Caine, discovers a masked girl among ruins with the same wings as a feral god. This event becomes a catalyst that could turn the world to prosperity or destruction.


Revenant Dogma 3D battles in which you can activate Transformations that enable various skills and Bursts that can deal massive damage. You can also customize weapons to strengthen them and add various effects.


Also of note is the labyrinth that has different difficulty levels and changes every time you enter it. You can find rare weapons in there that will help with your journey, if you can survive.

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