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Reviving Hugs Make The Swords Of Ditto’s Action A Bit Easier For Two Players


The Swords of Ditto gives players a new adventure and new heroes to use on every playthrough, which can provide a daunting journey to overcome. However, with the Zelda-like’s local co-op feature, things can get a little easier for players who wish to defeat the evil sorceress terrorizing the land.


In The Swords of Ditto, players will set out into a land filled with dungeons, hidden tools and weapons, and powerful stickers. They’re free to set out to wherever they like, tackling dungeons in any order or picking a fight with Mormo the sorceress right from the start, if they so choose. Depending on their successes and failures during a run, though, things will be different on their next play of the game, creating a heroic legacy of sorts even if they fail.

The game’s roguelike element can make for a difficult playthrough, but it can be eased using the game’s local co-op mode. Here, players can share the danger, and all while able to revive one another using a powerful hug. This can go a long way in keeping both players in the fight against huge (yet adorable) monsters, but players will still need to be careful to avoid both characters dying quickly.


The Swords of Ditto is available now through Steam, GOG, and the PlayStation Store.

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