The Revolve8 Battle System Involve Knowing When To Summon Units And Use Skills




The official Revolve8 Facebook Page has begun posting manuals explaining how to play the mobile game, and the first one goes over the actual battles. It explains how people can get characters on the field for the three minute fight and use their various skills.


In Revolve8, there are six towers on the battlefield. Three belong to your opponent, and the other three are yours. Your goal is to destroy the enemy towers while protecting your own. This means summoning units from your previously prepared eight-card deck to the field. You use ink, a resource you accumulate, to summon them. As an example, the Emperor unit in one of the latest screenshots requires five ink to summon.


Each Revolve8 unit has a Normal and Special Skills, both of which can only be used when the SP Skill Gauge is full. All units can use Normal Skills in a match when the gauge is filled, though only one can be used at a time and all Normal Skills available to you enter a cooldown phase after one has been used. Red Riding Hood’s “2 Fast 4 You” Normal Skill, which grants your allies a brief attack speed boost, was shown in the batch of screenshots.


Special Skills work a bit differently. Only the unit you designate as your Leader’s can be used in a match. You can only use it when its indicator is not greyed out and it can only be used once in each match.

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Revolve8 will appear on Android and Apple iOS devices. The closed beta will begin on October 23, 2018. As a reminder, Ryota-H is the game’s character artist and Koji Igarashi is responsible for the character designs.

Jenni Lada
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