Rewind Time To Fix Sneaking Mistakes In Stealth Game Shadwen



Shadwen is a stealth games where players fail on sight, but with a time rewinding mechanic, they can fix their mistakes with the press of a button.




Shadwen stars an assassin of the same name. Tasked with killing the king, she stumbles across an orphaned child named Lily, taking her along with her. With a kid at their side, will Shadwen kill dozens of men in front of the girl’s eyes?




Time is the player’s tool in Shadwen. It stops when the player isn’t moving, allowing them to better plan their routes. They can also rewind time should a plan not go as well as anticipated. To counteract these skills, the guards are very attentive, and will investigate odd noises, suspicious sights, or other things that will get the player caught indirectly.




The player also has access to many tools that will let them scale the environment or misdirect the guards. They can also create traps and hazards, tricking the guards into taking themselves out, or use physics to drag or drop large objects on their pursuers.




A free demo is available from the game’s Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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