Rewrite: Ignis Memoria Announced As A Social Strategy RPG For Smartphone



VisualArts teased a new Rewrite project earlier this week, and the publisher has revealed the title as Rewrite: Ignis Memoria, a new strategy RPG social smartphone game. Here’s its first trailer and details from the official website.


Rewrite: Ignis Memoria takes place in a “what if” world with 50 original stories that weren’t shown in the original Rewrite or its anime.


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In addition to voices from Kana Hanazawa and Chiwa Saito, the game features plenty of top-quality voice actors to go with its new scenes.


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By using Kotori’s atelier, you’ll get to create furniture using collected materials. There may also be some that can only be created during certain events.


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In Rwrite: Ignis Memoria you’ll get to create your own room. You’ll get to decorate with furniture and your own wallpaper to design your very own Occult Club room.


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The strategic battles feature cute chibi characters. Using the “Ignis” needed to activate skills is the key to victory. With many ways to go about it, you’ll get to come up with your own play style.


In addition to the chibi-style characters in battle, the game features skill cards with captivating illustrations. You can also equip a 5-star rarity skill card to change the appearance of your chibi character in battle.


Shinji Orito, known for having worked on various hits, and Maon Kurosaki, well-known in the world of anime songs, will provide music for the game.


Rewrite: Ignis Memoria launches in Japan this winter. Preregistration is currently available as well.

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