Krushymneth_logoOh cool, Gust is still doing stuff with Ar tonelico. The Krut Hymneth box set includes a complete collection of the Ar tonelico Hymmnos concert series on six CDs plus other goodies.


A book called Krut Hymneth: The Song that Speaks to God with ancient documents that are 2,000 years old – in Ar tonelico time. You also get a CD with songs from the Ar tonelico OVA, a surround sound DVD with a 5.1 channel mix, a partial Ciel no Surge soundtrack CD, and three brand new songs sung by… well by Reyvateils you choose. Gust opened a voting site and it looks like a tight race between Misha and Cloche for the first song!


The Krut Hymneth box set comes out on February 6, 2013 for 15,540 yen ($195).



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