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Rez Infinite Is The Best Showcase Of PlayStation VR So Far



Siliconera attended Taipei Game Show 2016 this past weekend, and I got to try out Enhance Games’ Rez Infinite, the enhanced version of the Dreamcast classic rebuilt for PlayStation VR.


The game looks and plays just like Rez, but you aim by moving your head. You still shoot by pressing the X button or holding it down to target multiple enemies. Aiming took a little bit to get used to in the beginning but the enemies in the first level are often in lines or circles so you move your head from left to right or in a circle to attack.


Alternatively, you can also use the left stick to aim, which makes the game play like classic Rez. What makes Rez Infinite really cool is turning around and seeing the immersive cyber world. The demo ends right before the first boss battle and the brand new level being made for the game wasn’t playable.


A demo of Area 2 was also playable. This level was tougher, especially when the shield enemies show up. You need to quickly blast these with four shots, but if you miss a shield comes up and you need to move your head in a zig-zag fashion to hit them. Enemies in the second area are also more aggressive with missiles too so you need to quickly turn your head in the line of fire to take missiles out.


Rez Infinite really shined with the boss demo from Area 4. This level has players fly through a corridor while shooting at a morphing boss. The enemy transforms into a purple snake that flies around you and you have to move your body with the boss to hit it. Later on the boss turns into a digital purple boulder rolling behind you and the best way to shoot it is to turn 180 degrees. The boss battle felt immersive and intense at the end as you barreled down narrow hallways shooting a person made out of purple cubes.


Out of all the PlayStation VR demos so far, Rez Infinite is by far the most impressive title on display. You can check out a trailer for the game below:

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