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Rez Infinite Gets Limited Physical Edition And Other Collectibles



Rez Infinite is getting a physical disc version and other collectibles exclusively through iam8bit. Fans can also get a vinyl soundtrack and book bundle, t-shirts, or enamel pins that are being sold separately.


The physical edition of Rez Infinite is region-free and being sold for $39.99. Although the game is set to launch digitally on October 13, 2016, the physical edition is listed as scheduled to ship during the month of October. Per the FAQ on, the company will do its best to ship in time for launch day arrival, but they “are listing an October 2016 ship date, simply because there are so many variables to physical game production when doing smaller, specialty, collectible releases like this.”


Vinyl Soundtrack


However, those ordering the vinyl soundtrack will get a digital copy as an added bonus emailed to them on launch day. The remastered Rez soundtrack features two LPs, and the collection comes with a bonus 7-inch vinyl with music from the new Area X. Fans can order a standard orange vinyl version for $75 that is scheduled to ship in October, or a variant version with different art on each side of the discs that ships in December. The variant version costs ten dollars more and is very limited with only 1,000 copies being sold.


A 48-page book authored by Nick Hurwitch is also bundled with the album. Inside, readers will find quotes and interviews from the original Rez development team and creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi. The complete collection can be viewed here.