rhapsody.jpgShortly after I posted NIS America’s plans for their Disgaea games I got an e-mail with a concrete release date for the Nintendo DS version of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. A portable Puppet Princess comes out on September 23, the same day as Disgaea DS.


The good news is the wait between the Japanese and North American release of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is around a month. The bad news is NIS America risks cannibalizing sales of the less known Marl Kingdom series since Disgaea DS comes out on the same day. Usually, publishers space releases apart by at least a week. If Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure isn’t delayed it’s possible it will be overlooked and as we learned in our interview with NIS America president Haru Akenaga, NIS America is testing the waters for the Marl Kingdom franchise with Rhapsody DS.


Images courtesy of NIS America.

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