SNK Playmore released The Rhythm of Fighters for iOS and Android. As the title suggests, it’s The King of Fighters fused with beat tapping gameplay. Players flick blue notes, hold green notes, and if you can hit all of the yellow notes without missing one you can do a special move.


Fighters level up when you clear stages and The Rhythm of Fighters has more characters than the King of Fighters cast. SNK added Ralf Jones from Metal Slug, The Red Dragon from Count Bout, Athena from her self titled video game, Rasputin from World Heroes, and oddly enough Chiffon from the slot machine RPG Sister Quest.


The Rhythm of Fighters costs $0.99 and includes 14 tracks from a variety of SNK games like "Banquet of Nature" from Samurai Shodown, "Stormy Saxaphone V" from The King of Fighters XIII, and "Steal Beast 6Beats – ROF Arrange Version –" from Metal Slug 2. Packs of four songs for The King of Fighters ’96, Fatal Fury 2, a slot machine pack, and Metal Slug 2 are $2.99 each.


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