Rich & Poor Battle To Leave A Bizarre Town Of Jeklynn Heights



The inhabitants of Jeklynn Heights just really want to leave the strange town. Held there by a magic spell, they can only leave if they fulfill the wishes of the town’s oddball mayor, and do so ahead of the other team.




Jeklynn Heights, now out on Steam Early Access, has players fighting over a random series of objectives and play types in third person melee/shooter/ability-based combat. Players join a team of either the rich or the poor, and the first team that completes five of these objectives wins the match.




Objectives range from collecting resources, controlling an area for a set amount of time, defeating a specific overpowered player, solving a murder through finding clues and killing the culprit, collecting loot, and delivering a zeppelin filled with explosives to your enemy’s base.




When the time comes to clobber another opponent, each player has a 3 swing melee attack, as well as blocking (which stuns when successful) and dashing abilities. They will also have a ranged attack as well. Specific characters will have four abilities based on their class (tank, support, etc) that cast AOE damage, buffs, disables, and other useful effects.

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