A piece of concept art for Ridge Racer for PSVita.


Namco Bandai is bringing Ridge Racer to PlayStation Vita. I saw a demo and expected to race, but instead I remixed Ridge Racer music. The concept demo was a music video with various cars from the series. A representative said music was as important to the series and they wanted to show how users can play with it in a PlayStation Vita demo.


Swipe the screen and you can change the color of the cars. Press either R or L and to switch the camera angles. Touching the back touch panel made the song slow down. At certain points tapping the corners of the screen would add beats to the music.


Ridge Racer Remix, as I like to call it, was a tech demo of sorts. Although, the team is considering ideas similar to what was shown. Ridge Racer for PlayStation Vita will be a racing game, of course, but I that’s not the game I got to play.

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