Rikudou Yura and Amano Pikamee Cover Is Pikamee’s Last Song

Yura and Pikamee Cover May Be Pikamee’s Last Released Song

While Amano Pikamee retired, there’s one final song for people to hear. She worked on a cover with fellow VTuber Rikudou Yura, who is from PRISM Project. The music video for “LUVORATORRRRRY!” is now online.

Here’s the full version of Yura and Pikamee’s cover of the song. Yura noted on Reddit that its release was delayed due to editing issues. She stated, “We wanted to release this before but the video editor kept missing deadlines and we decided to just not wait anymore and do it ourselves.” Yura did the art and movie for the video, while KuroKi handled the mix.

To help compare, here’s the original “LUVORATORRRRRY!” Giga-P and Reol song performed by Gumi and Kagamine Rin.

Pikamee wasn’t really known for singing songs, though she did perform on a few. She was a part of the original track “We are Vox Monsters” with fellow VOMS Project member Hikasa Tomoshika. She also performed a cover of the Hatsune Miku and Daniwell song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya.”

Amano Pikamee graduated on March 31, 2023. Since then, all content on her official YouTube channel has been made inaccessible. Rikudou Yura is an active VTuber who streams on YouTube. Her April 13, 2023 stream involved Half-Life 2.

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