Rinoa Is Now Available In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Here’s A Nostalgic Introduction Trailer

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Final Fantasy VIII heroine Rinoa Heartilly was revealed last month as the next DLC character for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. She is now available along with an alternate costume set and a new trailer.


In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Rinoa fights using the Blaster Edge, a versatile weapon that adds a new fighting style to the game. It has the ability to attack enemies from a distance while also protecting her party members. Her canine partner Angelo will also help out by disrupting attacks from enemies in order to keep them at bay.


Rinoa’s EX Skill “Angel Wing” is a unique ability that transforms her into a powerful sorceress, changing her entire move set and allowing her to cast powerful magic at the cost of reducing her HP over time.


Rinoa brings a brand-new fighting style to the game, using her versatile Blaster Edge weapon to attack enemies from afar and protect her allies. She can also partner up with her loyal canine companion Angelo to disrupt her enemies’ attacks and keep her rivals at a distance. Rinoa’s unique EX Skill “Angel Wing” transforms her into a powerful sorceress, completely changing her move set and allowing her to wield powerful magic at the cost of reducing her HP over time.


Here’s what’s included in the Rinoa Heartilly Starter Pack ($5.99):



003 004

  • Forest Owl I (Appearance)
  • Forest Owl II (Appearance)
  • Forest Owl III (Appearance)



005 006


  • Pinwheel (Weapon)
  • Valkyrie (Weapon)
  • Rising Sun (Weapon)


  • Special Chat Messages


Her “Party Dress Appearance Set” is also available for an extra $2.99:


009 010

  • Party Dress I
  • Party Dress II
  • Party Dress III


Lastly, Rinoa’s 4th weapon “Cardinal” is also available for $0.99:



Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on the PlayStation 4. Dissidia Final Fantasy is available for arcades in Japan.You can check out Rinoa’s reveal trailer here and some more gameplay footage here.

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