Rip Other Players To Bits As A Great White Shark In Depth



Digital Confectioners has released a “Blood and Gold” trailer for its upcoming online multiplayer game Depth, in which one side plays great white sharks, the other as divers. It’s also been revealed that it will be out this November for PC.


Depth seems to be as scary and intense as it sounds. If you’re a diver, you’re sent into the ocean to to find treasure that upgrades your arsenal. Depending on how much you have, you could be wielding a speargun and pistols, underwater assault rifles, or even place explosive sea mines.


The sharks, on the other hand, use their speed and senses to stalk the divers before rushing into tear them apart with their powerful jaws and body-mangling teeth. Rather than get new weapons, sharks “evolve” their natural predatory abilities.


Depth actually started out as a student project back in 2009 and has gone through a number of changes since its original concept. It was once a single player stealth game about stealing treasure from ship wrecks while avoiding sharks. It then became a PvP game but playing as a shark turned out to be boring.


After the original creators of Depth put the game on an indefinite hiatus, it was picked up by Digital Confections who saw potential in it, and who decided to work with the original developers to turn it into the game they were working towards. Hence, Depth is now, as the creators call it, a blend of “heart pounding tension and visceral action in a dark aquatic world.”


It still has some of the single player element in that there will be an offline mode with AI bots that you can use to hone your skills with several difficulty settings. Otherwise, this is a fresher, faster-paced game than before that still encourages cunning and teamwork.


Depth will be released on Steam in November. There’s more information on its website.

Chris Priestman