Rise Of Incarnates Will Get Its Own Angry Dragon Man On August 26th


Bandai Namco has announced that Red Dragon is the next character heading to its free-to-play competitive 2v2 online battler Rise of Incarnates on August 26th.


Living up to his name, Red Dragon makes use of his wings to whip and spin past enemies, as well as incinerating them using his fiery breath. See him in action in the trailer above.


As to the back story, Red Dragon’s human name is Jedrek Tyler, who is a direct ancestor of the one man able to contact a daiman known as The Prophet during the first annihilation of humankind. Tyler rose against the Sovereign under The Prophet’s guidance but the world still went towards destruction.


Anyway, after a defeat in battle, The Prophet put Tyler’s body into a long-term cold sleep. To keep Tyler alive during this sleep, The Prophet had to implant large quantities of lamina and herald tissue in his body, which is what eventually transformed him into the Red Dragon.




Chris Priestman