Rising Star Games has a title that doesn’t originate from Marvelous or any other Japanese studio in their 2008 line up. This explains why XG Blast looks so different from Rising Star’s usual catalog of RPGs and Harvest Moon games. XG Blast is an arcade style shooter with a spaceship and aliens. You shoot them with extreme gravity blasts. The DS could use more shooters, but XG Blast looks more like a lost Xbox Live Arcade or WiiWare game than a full retail product. I’m curious why the developer chose the DS as the platform for a retro shooter since there are other distribution channels for these kinds of games.


On a positive note, Rising Star is starting to go off in new directions and sign titles outside of their niche. XG Blast is scheduled to come out in Europe this November and it has not been announced for North America at this time.


Images courtesy of Rising Star Games.

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